Marie Curtis Park sits at the southwesternmost edge of the city of Toronto. Its address is 2 Forty Second Street, Etobicoke, Ontario. It is split by the Etobicoke Creek into an east and a west side.

On the east side the park has two sets of washrooms, a playground adjacent to the northernmost washroom, various picnic tables, benches, bike racks and a snack bar. The west side has a boat ramp and an enclosed off-leash dog park. There are two parking lots, one east and one west of the Etobicoke Creek. Access across the creek is through a pedestrian bridge. Note that washrooms and the snack bar are open seasonally.

Marie Curtis Park is a wonderful place to enjoy urban nature and we encourage everyone to come visit the park and use it responsibly. Please pick up after yourself and if you see litter that you can easily pick up please put it in the garbage. If you smoke, please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground – all it needs is some rain to wash the butts into the creek. FOMAC works hard to keep the park clean for the safety of its wildlife and the enjoyment of its human users.

Observe wildlife responsibly. Keep your distance and please do not feed any animal, including birds. If you come across wildlife in distress please call the city at 311.